Get acknowledged for how you make a difference

Imagine your ideas are so well known that you change the way people think. People quote you. Authors reference you in their books. Speakers quote you. Your ideas influence public policy issues.

  • What does it take to achieve this level of influence?
  • What’s the secret sauce for getting one’s ideas broadly available?
  • How do you get the kind of visibility that makes you one of the undisputed go-to thinkers in your field?

This 30-minute webinar introduces these core questions and more, shows you how to accelerate your expertise, and through the Guise 6-Step Thought Leader Development System for Women™ become an acknowledged authority in your chosen field.

Webinar Leader

Roberta Guise, founder, Thought-Leading Women Initiative™ and Thought Leadership Symposium for Women™
Rebecca Morgan leads the webinar discussion.