Picks & Pans

This section features a selection of articles, videos, ads and other messages that I think are worth reading, watching or listening to, either because they’re valuable, or they devalue/portray old stereotypes of women and girls.


TED talk: Moral Behavior in Animals

Capuchin monkeys reject unequal pay

It seems that Sarah Brosnan, who did the study, didn’t take the steps to establish herself in the public eye as a thought leader. Instead Frans de Waal embedded her research into his ideas on fairness.

How stereotypes can drive women to quit science.

Women don’t negotiate because they’re not idiots.


AT&T ad series

Adult quizzes 2 girls and 2 boys about speed and size. In each ad it’s a boy who gets the final long answer, talking about size, tech and speed, while the girls are seen passively looking on. You missed the mark, AT&T.

It’s not complicated “Dizzy” 

It’s not complicated “Grandma”

Laser boy

Its not complicated “Tree House”

Chevrolet Silverado 2012 Commercial

This ad shows a boy playing with his toy truck, and saying “Hello honey” to a buxom, scantily-dressed female toy figure

GoDaddy commercial
Using sex to sell is in GoDaddy’s DNA. This ad pairs the stereotype of “sexy” with “smart.” Careful — it may trigger your gag reflex