Thought leaders change the way we think and behave. They’re committed to make a difference and leave a legacy of ideas.

Roberta Guise’s 1:1 coaching gives you customized, personal guidance to advance your thought leadership – to better establish yourself as a leading authority.

As your coach, Roberta will use her proprietary 6-step thought leadership development process, advising you through the strategies and activities to achieve your goals. She’ll be by your side every step of the way.

You receive:

  • A fully developed idea based on your area of expertise, or refinement of what you already have in place, whom you want to influence and the change you want to see take place as a result of your thinking.    
  • Comprehensive branding of your idea, and how to present and create the visual and written “messages” so that they take hold and spread.
  • A custom, tailored-to-you action plan for advancing your standing as a thought leader, that’s anchored to what’s realistic for you.
  • Ideas and guidance for developing an ongoing stream of content into a cohesive body of knowledge and library of intellectual property (IP) in your field, which may include a book and published opinion pieces.
  • A strategy and plan for securing ongoing visibility in the media and to your various stakeholder groups.
  • Guidance on overcoming any barriers or blocks, whether internal or external, that you perceive you have now or that surface during the process.
  • Review of options for legally owning your intellectual property (IP).

You will also receive:

  • A crisp definition of your thought-leading idea that rolls off your tongue with ease.     
  • A deep understanding of the traits and characteristics that underlie thought leadership. You’ll be able to readily assess yourself alongside a robust collection of attributes that will define you as a thought leader.     
  • The tools, techniques, thinking and discipline to carry out the activities that will advance your thought-leadership position.     
  • A “look and feel” to your idea, which includes both the visual images and icons, and the words/phrases (“messages”) you’ll use in various formats and platforms when presenting your idea.     
  • A master visibility strategy to get you and your ideas increasingly known and talked about.     

Contact Roberta Guise to schedule a conversation and see whether her 1:1 thought-leadership coaching could be what you need to break through the noise and become a thought-leading woman!