The Thought-Leading Women Initiative™
is dedicated to help women:

• Develop bold ideas
• Give voice to their ideas, and…
• Accelerate their standing as thinkers and influencers across all sectors,
  industries, and areas of our lives.

Although women are more than 50% of the U.S. population and make over 80% of buying decisions — on everyday household items, clothing, housing, toys, schools and family health care — their voices are still largely absent from the majority of key decision-making, idea-influencing conversations.

Why we should care

When equal numbers of women, with equally respected ideas and opinions, are at the decision-making table with men, the results are different sets of solutions and ways to achieve them.

The Thought-Leading Women Initiative isn’t about gender, but rather positive change in the day-to-day issues and decisions that, primarily women face due to their continuing role as caregiver, nurturer, key family decision-maker, and breadwinner.

Give voice to your ideas

Are you an expert or public intellectual in your field — a thought leader — and you want to make a difference? Let the Thought-Leading Women Initiative help you accelerate your position as a thought leader.

Thought leaders are deeply knowledgeable individuals who change the way we think. They influence us because their ideas are approaches we may not have heard before and make sense, and because their ideas are readily available. Thought leaders are acknowledged as the leading voices, or foremost authorities, in their fields. Read more